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Jul 10 2013

My Institute Experience, Thus Far

So, between my PhD program, teaching, session, lesson planning, and well…sleeping, I’ve been quite busy and I have no had the chance to blog.  So here’s my quick and dirty.   Week 1: This week was basically us getting acclimated to being at Rice University and for some of us being back in a dorm…

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May 28 2013

So…like…I passed!

I know that I haven’t posted in awhile but it was because I had my nose deep in someone’s science book.  For the past 3 weeks, I have been buried in all things Science.  Science occupied every waking moment of my existence and to a degree, my sleeping existence.  Honestly, if it wasn’t science related,…

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May 01 2013

Allow me to (re)introduce myself

Hello All, This is my first blog…like ever and as you can tell, I’m super excited about it.  I plan to use this to laud, vent, and well utterly ramble as the page title states. Sadly, as training has not started yet, I have no real insight to share with you about TFA just yet…

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