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May 28 2013

So…like…I passed!

I know that I haven’t posted in awhile but it was because I had my nose deep in someone’s science book.  For the past 3 weeks, I have been buried in all things Science.  Science occupied every waking moment of my existence and to a degree, my sleeping existence.  Honestly, if it wasn’t science related, it had slowly started to leak from my brain.  I took my test last Friday afternoon and I studied for it right up until I went into the testing center.  The test was surprisingly strict and rigorous to gain entry to but I suppose that’s to ensure that people are not cheating.  I got into the room and took my seat and took a couple deep, steadying breathes before beginning the test.

The TeXes Sci 8-12 exam has 130 questions on it and they range from the abstract to the detailed.  My emotions looped from confident, sure, and brilliant to unsure and OMG why don’t I remember this?  All in all, I left the test feeling like I didn’t full out fail it, but I didn’t feel like I passed either.  I made my peace with possibly having to take the exam over if that meant that I’d have a better understanding of the material but of course, I felt it would be freaking awesome to pass the first go around.

The long weekend was spent allowing my mind to relax for a bit while checking (nonchalantly, of course) the ETS website to see if my scores were available.  By Sunday night, I’d resigned myself to fact that my test scores probably wouldn’t be available until Tuesday.  That actually lifted a weight off my shoulders.

That weight fell with extreme force this morning when I received the email from ETS saying that my TeXes exam scores were available.  My palms instantly started to sweat and my heart was literally pounding in my chest.  My fight or flight response kicked in severely even though there was no one to fight or nowhere to run.  TO make matters worse, the freaking website was taking forever to load!  In hindsight, this was probably due to the overload of people flocking to the website for their own test scores.  I clicked the button to view my scores and was forced to further wait for Firefox to download the PDF.  I opened the file and there it was in all caps:  PASSED.  Or rather, I read it in all caps! This of course, warranted another victory lap around my office but no boots today, only my Wal-Mart Vans :-) I can’t put into words the amount of utter joy I felt seeing that I’d passed!  Now, all I need is a classroom!


Induction in less than 2 weeks!


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